Art Deco-style cake

Got a rock candy sweet tooth matched only by an appetite for the unusual? (You know who you are…)

Good thing Zayda Balkus recently returned to the Big Island after graduating from I.C.E and a stint at NYC’s Confetti Cakes because she can take on any challenge. 

Bring her a photo or explain your heart’s quirkiest cake desire and Balkus’ Kamuela-based custom cake company Kooky Cakes makes it reality. 

And we really mean anything. 

“I like fun, whimsical, happy and delightful cakes,” says Balkus, who, in addition to elegant wedding tiers has whipped up an African safari scene, Harley motorcycle, swear-they’re-real orchid adornments, and even a suitcase-shaped cake with ease. 

Suitcase Cake by Kooky Cakes

Go ahead and ask her for the world—perhaps filled with devilish chocolate-caramel ganache or homemade lemon curd—we dare you. 

We only ask that you eat it one sweet slice at a time.