Imagine coming home starving late after work, and finding only package of instant ramen in your pantry. For Chef D.K. Kodama that experience was an opportunity to create a great late night meal.

“I thought, what can I do to spice it up?” said D.K. “I went out to the garden and picked up cilantro, basil—herbs just like in Vietnamese pho. Then I got out some truffle butter from the freezer.”

Today, that midnight snack has been developed into the foodie-pleasing saimin that’s now a comfort food hit at all Sansei Restaurants. Why?

“It’s just a balance of everything,” said D.K. of this epicurean treat loaded with Dungeness crab, basil and cilantro. “Truffle butter broth gives it the flavor, herbs give it freshness, jalapeno peppers for spice, and seafood—everything works together.”

Bet you wish your late night food experiments were this creative.