Rocking it Out

Somewhere along Honolulu’s art-scene spectrum, between long-established institutions like the Honolulu Academy of Arts and grass roots Chinatown events, something important is missing. That’s what the founders of Interisland Terminal think, and it’s a gap their independent art incubator is designed to fill.

“Our mission is not just to exhibit art, but to do so with the idea that art is essential to the development of our community,” says co-founder Wei Fang. “We need to develop creative thinkers and creative capital if we’re going to survive, innovate and grow.”

Since April 2009, every other month Interisland Terminal continues to present a new program balanced between their focus areas of contemporary art, film and design. September’s rockin’ three-day Rock ‘n Roll Cinema series explored the funky world of fans and followers (like the hilarious and strangely moving film Anvil: The Story of Anvil), and their current architecture competition aims to stimulate a new era of local building design.

“We want to instigate art in our community,” says co-founder Sean Shodal, who also works as HIFF’s marketing and events manager. “We want to bring in outside people to see what’s going on here and feed it.”

This reciprocal stimulation of artistic creativity, in mini-doses instead of long, once-a-year festivals, is meant to keep us both hungry and fulfilled. Shodal says, “It’s a healthier way to get your art.”

**Note: Check out IT’s upcoming film and art installation in Waikiki this Spring.

Shorter version published in Modern Luxury Hawaii, Winter 2009