Reviews of: 
-The Murderer’s Daughters — a novel of murder’s reverberations by Randy Susan Meyers
-A Mountain of Crumbs — memoir of Soviet life by Elena Gorokhova
-The Devil and Mr. Casement — historical evocation of Peruvian rubber trade atrocities by Jordan Goodman
Spotlights on artist Gaye Chan and one of our most original theatres, Kumu Kahua.
In the meantime you can check out my new interview with author Darien Hsu Gee (also known as Mia King) about her favorite Big Island Spot online before I post it here.
Or, some books on my private stack to read for fun:
-The Ask by Sam Lipsyte
-Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Douglas
-Paris Review, Winter 2009
But note what’s off my stack:
Eat When You Feel Sad by Zach German  — I could only handle this novella’s robotic prose for so long.
Now, back to it.