I don’t use Word’s grammar checker (which most often incorrectly flags fragments in my fiction), maybe out of grammer-nerd hubris or simply because it’s never correct.

Yet as a freelancer and given the lean state of publishing, my success depends on being very good at editing my own work, so I do it the old fashioned way (i.e. printing out pages to edit on paper, reading out loud, and so on). But when I heard about Smart Edit, only available for PC (sigh), my pulse quickened and I dreamed of gaining that technological edge.

Smart Edit is a free, downloadable word processing tool that will track some pretty helpful aspects of your novel or work in progress. Things like adverb use, cliches, repeated words, errant auto-corrects (ex: from/form). I would love to try it. Right now.

Alas, my MacBook won’t let me. So instead, I’m going to play around with the site’s character name generator. Jason Chickles, anyone?