Day 3: The temptation to edit is strong, and it occurs to me that resisting its call is perhaps like a meditation of writing, such as how when taking time to sit and be we must let thoughts pass by the mind like wind. Oh, and I have so much work to do today, and haven’t written my goal yet. There are still 12 more hours, right?

Two days have passed since NaNoWriMo began, and I’m doing well, with over 4000 words (the goal is 1700 every day). The second day was perhaps the most difficult, given that I caught myself starting at the beginning and editing the first sentence. The goal is output, I chanted silently, forcing the mouse prompt to the end of my Word document and myself to begin writing anew.

There is definitely something freeing (and exciting) about just getting the story out, as long as I can resist judgment and forget that everything penned thus far is likely complete crap. I wish I’d started my outline before November began, but then again I didn’t learn about NaNoWriMo until October 28.