I know, LL has been event heavy these days, but the launch of StatehoodHawaii.com is too interesting not to share. The brain child of renaissance man Arnie Saiki, who divides his time between Hawai`i and LA, StatehoodHawaii.com was inspired by the confrontation in front of Iolani Palace on statehood day in 2006 and aims at a more civilized and productive dialogue by linking in with social networking site fifdififdi.com.

“There are many perspectives concerning Statehood and our island’s history,” asserts the site’s About Us page. “There are deep and divisive issues. If we listen with respect and communicate with dignity, this ongoing debate will broaden our understanding and appreciation for Hawai’i.”

In addition to offering a place for dialogue devoted to exploration of and discussion about the history and implications of statehood, the project also recommends talking with kupuna and recording their stories, presumably to share on the site as part of the “wide perspective of experiences” the site wants to feature “while examining why we are a state, how we became a state, what the conditions were that led to statehood, and how we benefited from or were affected by statehood.”

And you thought Statehood was so fifty years ago.

Find out more and have some fun at tonight’s launch party at Thirtyninehotel, 7-10pm.