A lot of visitors have recently found their way to my blog while searching for the first words of “Nowhere Man” by Aleksandar Hemon. Born in Sarajevo, English is not Hemon’s native language, though he wrote his first short story in English just three years after coming to the United States.

Nowhere Man” is impressive, and listed in my Library Thing library (to the right), so I thought I’d help them out by sharing the first paragraph here:

“Had I been dreaming, I would have dreamt of being someone else, with a little creature burrowed in my body, clawing at the walls inside my chest—a recurring nightmare. But I was awake, listening to the mizzle in my pillow, to the furniture furtively sagging, to the house creaking under the wind assaults. I straightened my legs, so the blanket ebbed and my right foot rose out of the sludge of darkness like a squat, extinguished lighthouse. The blinds gibbered for a moment, commenting on my performance, then settled in silence.”