Bookninja says it better than I can, because this news actually made me vomit:

“Jenna Bush, author

From barely able to read to author in 0.8 daddies flat. Yes. No, really, yes. Please refrain from splattering your blood on my e-vestibule floor.

The book, called Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope, will focus on a 17-year-old orphaned single mother with HIV. It has been bought by HarperCollins for an undisclosed sum – believed to be above $300,000 (£155,500) – is due to be published this autumn. A “portion” of author and publisher proceeds will go to the US fund for Unicef, which supports child survival, protection and development worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising.

It’s a good thing I’m typing because if I had to talk right now it would sound awful funny with my finger so far down my throat.” —