As I plan an upcoming work/play excursion to Fiji later this month (expect LL to be on hiatus during this time), I keep popping over to Fiji to check in with people I met on a press trip there last year and search for helpful information for my stay. I’ll also be writing about my trip for Fiji Guide, filing stories on location when possible.

On recent site visit, I read a post by publicist and Fiji Guide founder Rob Kay about the very interesting surfing development in the island nation. Fijian resorts now no longer have exclusive access to “it” surf spots such as Tavarua. Tourism experts estimate this change could bring more than 20,000 surfing tourists to the nation per year. Keep in mind that in 2008, Fiji had just over 585,000 visitors.

Is this good or bad for surfers and surfing? Will this make Fiji less or more desirable as a surfing destination? You tell me.

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