In the end, history will be comprised of many voices, yet until now most people close to the 1990s Bishop Estate controversy have remained silent (with two notable exceptions: Broken Trust and Lost Generations), giving the public interested in the ‘truth’ of what happened little to go on save conjecture and gossip.

This month a new book presents a wealth of perspectives on this issue via the oral testimony of more than 150 ordinary people central to Kamehameha Schools. Wayfinding through the Storm: Speaking Truth to Power at Kamehameha Schools 1993-1999, edited by Gavan Daws at Na Leo O Kamehameha, makes use of court testimony and interview transcripts of faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni, parents, lawyers and more, while preserving each person’s voice and message. Historic photographs, video stills, cartoons, memos, petitions, letters Etc. offer a visual accompaniment to anchor the narratives in the making of history.

If the book attacks one person most, it is Lokelani Lyndsey, and does so even with her own words (other trustees statements are also included, so they in effect speak for themselves). All the comments and complaints are multidimensional, however–not just moral, but speaking to the physical and emotional effects of the trustees’ contentious decisions and actions on the people who cared and worked for the school and its ‘ohana.

It seems only good can come from continuing to open up the issue to more people and voices, and perhaps in the future others will step forward to present even more of the extremely nuanced sides of this complicated time in history.

Wayfinding through the Storm Book Signings and Readings/Discussions

When: Friday, May 22, 5PM – 5:30PM — Program, 5:30PM – 7PM — Book Sale & Signing
What: Book Launch Celebration
Where: Kamehameha Schools, Kawaiahao Plaza, 567 S. King St.,
Kaiona Room (Hale Makai, 1st floor near Courtyard)

When: Saturday, May 30, 1PM – 2PM
What: Book Signing with Nā Leo O Kamehameha
Where: Barnes & Noble, Kahala Mall (808) 737-3323

When: Saturday, June 6, 1PM – 2PM
What: Book Signing with Nā Leo O Kamehameha
Where: Barnes & Noble, Ala Moana (808) 949-7307

When: Saturday, June 13, 2PM – 3PM
What: Book Signing with Nā Leo O Kamehameha
Where: Borders, Ward Centre (808) 591-8995

When: Sunday, June 14, 2PM – 3PM
What: “Talk Story” and Book Signing with Nā Leo O Kamehameha
Where: Native Books / Nā Mea Hawai‘i, Ward Warehouse, (808) 597-8967

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