In honor of the martyred Saint Valentine, and our modern day celebration of love.

“Love is among the most pernicious and contagious of diseases. We who are afflicted with it can be detected by anyone. Dark circles under our eyes show that we never sleep, kept awake night after night by embraces or their absence. We suffer from devastating fevers and have an irresistible urge to say stupid things.

“Love can be induced by dropping a pinch of loveme with feigned casualness into a cup of coffee or soup, or a drink. It can induced by not prevented. Holy water does not prevent it, nor ground up host, and a clove of garlic is absolutely useless. Love is deaf to the divine Word and to witches spells. No government decree has any power over it nor can any potion prevent it, although women in the market hawk infallible brews complete with guarantees.”

–Eduardo Galeano in the Book of Embraces