60 @ 60
By John M. Corby MD and Sally Corboy Kurtzman
168 pages; $15.95
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While everyone else is talking about market or business evolution, chances are the boomers in your life are thinking about devolution–everyday reality for those smack in the center of the the new middle age. To provide comfort to and empower people heading toward or planted at age 60, local eye doctor John M. Corboy, MD and his sister and writer Sally Corboy Kurtzman developed a guide to 60 things that can happen to your body at age 60, with targeted advice about what to do about them.

The book is packed with helpful information, from explanations about body systems and common ailments (like back pain or pneumonia) to practical and often humorous advice, myth debunking (ex: “You will turn into your father/mother”), and tips for “staying with it–or at least appearing to be.” Though the presentation suffers from customary drawbacks of self-publishing, the authors more than make up for it in earnestness and infectious positivity.

Corboy and Kurtzman’s 60 @ 60 will reassure readers that turning 60 is not “crap” as Kurtzman once feared, and that most troubles outlined in the book “can be delayed, erased, or even entirely prevented by two simple things.” You’ll have to read the book to find out what they are.


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