What I’m Reading | Tom Moffatt
Concert Promoter

Q&A with Christine Thomas
January 2008

-What are you reading?

I’m just reading “Don Ho: My Music, My Life” by Jerry Hopkins. It’s fascinating. I’m also reading “Latinization of America: How Hispanics Are Changing the Nation’s Sights and Sounds” which is a big book, 1100 some pages, written by Eliot Tiegel, an old friend of mine; when I met him he was editor of Billboard Magazine. I just finished up “Red Sky at Night” by Bill Bigelow. It’s a novel. It’s really good.

-How did you discover it?

I was involved in the Don Ho book because Jerry Hopkins, the author, also wrote my book The Showman of the Pacific – 50 Years of Radio and Rock Stars“. So I helped Jerry a bit on this because Don died suddenly and he was trying to finish it up. I get most books from people I know or as a columnist people send me a lot of books.

-What do you like about Don Ho: My Music, My Life?

In Don’s book, there are so many memories in there—that’s what I like about it. It reviews all the people that went to see him and his life and a lot of things people didn’t know about him and I didn’t know about him.

-And the others?

I’ve been kind of bouncing around it, especially with reading about Hawai`i and the entertainment I brought in. It goes back to the original Spaniards and then what’s happened in the last couple of decades. It gets into sports and music and business and all of it. It has always fascinated me how all of a sudden everything is bilingual in the U.S. [Red Sky at Night]—it’s fascinating. It’s about something that’s hard to believe could happen but it could.

-Your concert promoting has made your life an adventure—so do you also look for fascinating adventures in your reading?

Yes. I like serious reading too, but I like a good novel that moves. The way I move sometimes it’s hard to stay with a book though, but I love books that I can’t put down.