For you, a preview of a new book coming out next week (on sale April 29), a charming memoir, social history, and fashion tour through the generations. Elizabeth Kendall’s Autobiography of a Wardrobe is also smartly written, clever, and explores a subtle emotional trajectory that adds depth to what could be a simply material pursuit.

Take a peek:

“B. sat on the floor in a dark classroom with the other grad students. It was Sensitivity Training. The teacher told them to close their eyes and imagine in their hands, a book. The book was their own autobiography and they should start to read it.

“B. gripped the book tightly, took a breath, opened her eyes, and began to read–about something she had no idea she remembered. It was herself, when small, climbing out of the lower bunk in the early morning, crossing the room to a white dresser, opening a bottom drawer to find a pile of small red corduroy overalls that smelled clean. She took one off the top of the pile.

“There was I, present in her deepest of memories. I am B.’s wardrobe, her ever-evolving second skin. She is My inhabitant, My Body–My B.”

–Elizabeth Kendall, Autobiography of a Wardrobe

Look out for my piece on the book coming out next week in Lei Chic.