Are you one of those people who says I don’t have time to read? (Well, maybe not if you’re reading this Literature Blog.) But even though reading articles on the internet and your email is technically ‘reading’, many can’t find time to read an actual book. DailyLit solved that problem by sending their subscribers one short book passage via email, chosen from over 400 classic public domain titles.

According to DailyLit, their popular books include The Art of War by Sun Tzu and Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but there’s also Berlitz Spanish Lessons, Moby Dick, Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, and much more.

Each installment takes just about five minutes to read, and if when you’re done you like it so much you want to read one more, you can get the next installment immediately. You choose the time and frequency of email delivery (like 9am every Tuesday and Thursday), and it can be read wherever email is accessed, including your Blackberry.

Soon, by making this part of your daily routine (kind of like skimming the newspaper over a cup of coffee), you’ll end up reading the books you’ve always meant to.

The Catch:

“How much does it cost?

Public domain books on DailyLit are free in their entirety. Most copyrighted books require payment after some number of free sample installments (some copyrighted books are free). The price for a book is displayed clearly on the book detail page. We encourage you to try out paid books — you only pay if you like the free sample installments and want to continue reading.”