Here’s to the reemergence of the sun.

Sunset from Hualalai

Through the splayed green
of the breadfruit leaves
I see the sun, suspended
yet slowly inching down.

I’d like to say
I’ll keep it there
just for you,
its globe awash
with rust and ochre.

That way, no matter when
you lift your head
to gaze into the distance
(if only for a moment)
it will be there
a palmful of light
cradled in a ribbon of cloud.

But there it goes,
falling into the steady blue.
I cannot hold it
nor ask it to remain,
only witness the light
devoured by dark,
fire consumed by sea.

The sky is empty
when the floorboards
whisper under your feet;
the leaves of the breadfruit
one with the dark
as your hand presses just so
on my shoulder.

I look up, ready,
and find two steady globes
shining down
as clear, as constant
as a sunlit sea.

Waiting, here this whole time,
yet slowly inching towards me.

copyright ChristineThomas