@ Writer Caleb Crain gets Treed on his blog Steamboats are Ruining Everything.

@ Educator Bruce Schauble explains Spaceman Blues: A Love Song by Brian Francis Slattery, on his blog Throughlines. He says it’s about “events immediately leading up to and including an alien takeover of New York City,” and remarks that “if it’s a ride you’re looking for, Bucko, have I got a ride for you.”

@ On her blog Biology of the Worst Kind, UK author Jenny Diski previews her review of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas (no relation) in The London Review of Books. Publisher Penguin explains: “Thomas has traveled all over the world to interview corporate heads and factory workers, old-money, old-luxury clients and new luxury-obsessed middle-market consumers, and she paints a surprising picture of today’s New Luxury.”

@ Joshua Glenn starts Taking Things Seriously over at the Boston Globe blog Braniac. The paper’s review calls it “a fun, off-center collection of objects and stories that will have you looking at the objects around you with fresh eyes and strange questions.”

@ Journalist John Duncan thinks up a way to make newspapers unstoppable over at his blog The Inksniffer. He remains firmly planted in the opinion that “newspapers are not a dying business.”