As promised some time ago, this 27 second 16mm film clip is the only known footage of illusionist, cartoonist, illustrator and writer Will H. Chandlee (in the grey hat), of whom I write about frequently (click on the Ancestry label for links to his work and other posts). He is perhaps best known for his New Deal era parody MOTHER GOOSE IN WASHINGTON: A STORY OF OLD KING DOLE AND HIS HUMPTY DUMPTY COURT.

Also present on this excerpt are other members of the family, save my grandfather the videographer, coming out of the house in what looks like a chilly day in Ft. Dix New Jersey. It, and two dozen reels of my grandfather’s 8mm and 16mm films, rests in the Turnbull Family Home Movie Collection, Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection, University of Georgia. Take a look, if only for a glimpse of ’40s fashion ala my great-grandmother’s fur and great-grandfather’s colonel duds.

Thanks John, for sending!