The five best lit-links (okay, I know there are six!) from the past week:

  • So many book reviews, so little time. CRITICAL COMPENDIUM selects five reviews daily from around the world, to feed you a spoonful of literary healing at a time. See the August 8 post for a link to my Miami Herald review of Lottery by Patricia Wood.
  • Breaking into Barnes and Noble’s or Amazon’s top echelons and “also bought” recommendations can have a viral effect, the New York Times asserts—but how do they calculate these rankings, and how obsessively to authors check them?
  • Go ahead and post a comment—but only if you’re quoted in the story. The Washington Post tech blog reports that Google is testing a feature that allows comments on news stories, but unlike blogs, which invite comments from readers, this will accept them only from the people who are mentioned therein.
  • Book reviews are making a comeback, at least at, where former LA Times book editor Steve Wasserman has been appointed book editor of a weekly review to be launched in October. As they report: At a time when newspapers are cutting back on their coverage of books, Truthdig is acting to counter this betrayal of journalism’s fundamental obligation to deliver the news that stays news. … Book coverage on Truthdig will complement its political emphasis by deepening public debate on a range of compelling issues.