In conjunction with my post about what Jason Scott Lee was reading when I talked with him in May for WIMR (The Penguin Gandhi Reader), I thought I’d post a link to Maud Newton‘s excerpt of Vassar professor Amitava Kumar‘s book “Bombay-London-New York,” about representations of Gandhi. Ever since my conversation with Lee, it seems I run into Gandhi a lot, so to speak. And though I remember the movie posters dotting the malls when I was a wee child, it’s only now as a not-so-wee-child that I sat, watched, and experienced the beautiful film, still and perhaps more timely today, starring the uncanny look alike Sir Ben Kingsley.

Kumar writes:

“Once, when I came out of the subway in New York City, I saw a sign that said ‘Gandhi was a great and charitable man.’ Beneath, in smaller type, were the words, ‘However, he could have used some work on his triceps.’ “

Read more here.

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