As with my recent moratorium on book buying (though that didn’t stop me from asking for a few, just a few, for Christmas), I also forbid myself from buying more notebooks–at least until my shelves–yes, shelves–of them begin to deplete. 

Well, I might just have to break that rule now that I know about Interisland Terminal‘s collaboration with Moleskine

This limited edition large, 240-page notebook has squared, acid-free pages–perfect for developing ideas, taking notes, or sketching–and is fronted by an embossed “map” of the Hawaiian archipelago designed by junior graphic designer Angelica Rabang.

This, too, can be yours for $25, with all proceeds siphoned over to support Interisland Terminal’s Contemporary Art, Film and Design programs. You can learn more about I.T. here

Pre-order on their website, and pick up at Native Books in Ward Warehouse, or have them shipped to you for five bones.