Lualualei Valley, O’ahu


Organic Farm Seeks flexible, caring community members to support Ma’o Farms in Waianae’s verdant Lualualei Valley. Must love to cook at home, yearn to roll with the foodies and discover inventive ways to eat your veggies. 

Control freaks and take-out junkies need not apply. 
Biodiversity and a sustainable Hawai’i is Ma’o Farms’ game. 
“We like to eat, and eat a lot, and eat good stuff,” quips farm manager Gary Maunakea-Forth. Purchasing their still-new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription feeds your family of four every week from a recycled yellow box brimming with 8-12 pounds of exclusive organic goods—some available only to local chefs.
“The idea is you get clusters of a diversity of things,” says Maunakea-Forth, including Ma’o’s staple salad mix, herbs, root and cooking vegetables like purple broccoli, and fruit like summer’s juicy mangoes. “As you develop a relationship with us through CSA, you become co-producers, and the bonus is you get even more of the bounty.”
Sounds like a good match to me, and about time you met the people who grow your food. Though they only deliver to large subscriber groups, I hope that becomes sustainable for neighborhoods soon.

By Christine Thomas