The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: A NovelAddressed to Toru Okada, the protagonist of Haruki Murakami’s amazing novel, THE WIND UP BIRD CHRONICLE.

Dear Toru-san,
Please forgive me contacting you unannounced. If my overture is undesirable, do not hesitate to erase this letter and my name from your memory.
I continue to feel sad and confused about your missing cat, Noboru Wataya. I can almost hear his distinctive meow in my imagination—if only I could see a photo. What happened to him, and to your wife? How you are feeling now?
I know you have been meeting a lot of strange people, and you always seem so open to new experiences, so I thought I’d take a chance and invite you to my home for a simple spaghetti dinner. There, I hope you might reveal the truth behind this mystery. I also have my own theories, so perhaps we will have a true meeting of minds.
If not, we’ll at least have some pasta to enjoy (it’s a recipe from a restaurant in Italy I went to last summer), and I’ll play the latest recording of the London Symphony so we have the option of listening instead of talking.
I so look forward to your reply.
PS: I will also turn off my phone so mysterious callers don’t interrupt us.
–Written for Letters with Character.  
Let’s see yours!