Here’s a group after my own heart. The Invisible Library project catalogues fictional books that exist purely in fictional works, such as CAULFIELD, D.B.: The Secret Goldfish—from J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye or TAYBACK, F.L. (“Four Leaf”): Tropic Thunder—from the Ben Stiller film Tropic Thunder.

Now they’ve begun their first solo exhibition, transforming a gallery space in London’s Cecil Court into “an imaginary library filled with books that have been alluded to in novels, but have never actually existed…until now.” They’ve chosen forty titles from the Invisible Library blog, and illustrated the covers.

The INK group will be in-residence for one month, through July 9, hosting workshops and events. And, by the end, these once non-existent books’ pages will be filled–by attendees and workshop participants who are free to “sign-out” these “library books” and start or continue the newly created narratives penned within.

Don’t I wish I could pop in.