The Dream Begins: How Hawaii Shaped Barack Obama
By Jerry Burris and Stu Glauberman

Obama played down his Hawai`i roots during the campaign, but in their compact new book “The Dream Begins,” veteran local journalists Stu Glauberman and Jerry Burris come to Hawai`i’s defense as the birthplace and shaper of a dynamic leader.

Stories of Obama’s early years are revealed through personal interviews with old friends like Rep. Neil Abercrombie and Punahou classmates and teachers, alongside a concise portrait of his family history, Indonesia years, and contextual narratives about Hawai`i’s racial and social landscape.

Despite a growing list of Obama tales, the book is often sold out on, which means you can get your copy the Obama way—back in your very own neighborhood. At local booksellers and

–By Christine Thomas
excerpt from “Banking on Obama”
Modern Luxury Hawaii, Spring ’09, page 50