Literature intersects with life in myriad ways, but perhaps only John Turnbull, writer and editor of the Global Game soccer web site and co-editor of The Global Game: Writers on Soccer, could make its connection with soccer at once current and imaginary.

In a recent post at the New York Times’ soccer blog, John concocted an ultimate soccer game where authors like Nabokov and one of my favorites, Eduardo Galeano, assume their virtual soccer positions–none of which, I confess, I understand. But here’s the team sheet, back to front: Nabokov, Pamuk, Mahfouz, Mandelstam, Moix, Enquist, Galeano, Valdano, Hines, Oe and Olesha, with Joyce as manager and Camus as physio.

Now it’s your turn to list substitutes or alternate configurations in the comments section of his post, if your life intersects with soccer and literature, that is.