Day 10:

Perhaps as one might predict, after a consistently good start Nov. 1-5, on Thursday I hit a roadblock in my Nanowrimo marathon. Though that day I could get away with calling the culprit Cirque du Soleil showing at the NBC (Saltimbanco) in Honolulu and well worth the expense and falling behind, there was no such excuse for Friday and Saturday, save my life taking control and or priority. But I’ve hit my stride again today, climbing up to just over 11 thousand words as the day breaks. It makes the guilt subside just enough, but not totally.

Some of my sort-of-kind-of research reading has included discussion of President-elect Obama’s energy plan and the will of Bernice P. Bishop. And when procrastination has reared its ugly head (name the mixed metaphor author, anyone?) I’ve gone to musing about the ridiculous well-meaninginess of offering a boyfriend arm pillow for sale.

Pray it never really gets that bad.

But my book thought of the day is to check out Bill McKibben’s fabulous review of Hot, Flat and Crowded. I concur that as usual Friedman is late to the party, in this case the Energy one.