Throw the net on a Friday and see what comes up:

-Stalking tool or Friend Finder?: aggregates all public information about the person of your choice, including photos, addresses, blogs and more

-Airplane chicken or excrement with glass? David Sedaris waxes poetic in the New Yorker with an unconventional metaphor for undecided voters.

-Ricky and Thandie read a porno script? On Graham Norton’s unabashed UK talk show, The Office’s (UK) Ricky Gervais and actor Thandie Newton read lines from a decidedly un-PC script.

-Sprechen Free (okay it’s not right, but keeping the question thing going isn’t easy)? Novelist Ian McEwan (of Saturday and Atonement fame) stands up for free speech in Italy.

-Banned Books or Assigned Books? An oldie but goodie, teens find they are disappointed by banned books.