Should Twelve be the future of publishing?
One independent manifesto writer thinks: YES.

  • 12 Books.
  • One Year.
  • Extreme attention to quality.
  • NY Times Bestsellers galore.

Twelve’s own manifesto, in part, from their web site:

“12 Things To Remember about TWELVE

  1. Each book will enliven the national conversation.
  2. Each book will be singular in voice, authority, or subject matter.
  3. Each book will be carefully edited, designed, and produced.
  4. Each book will have a month-long launch in which it is the imprint’s sole focus.
  5. Each book will be nationally advertised.
  6. Each book will have a national publicity campaign.
  7. Each book will be published by Jonathan Karp, the editor who discovered Book Sense Book of the Year winners Seabiscuit and Shadow Divers, plus such bestsellers as The Orchid Thief, Franklin and Winston, Thank You For Smoking, What Should I Do With My Life?, The Dante Club, The Last Don, The Godfather Returns, and A Conspiracy of Paper.
  8. Each book will be publicized by Director of Publicity Cary Goldstein, who for seven years was the architect of FSG’s publicity campaigns for such acclaimed books as The Assassin’s Gate, Sweet and Low, Natasha, and Trance, nominee for the National Book Award.
  9. Each book will have the potential to sell at least 50,000 copies in its lifetime.
  10. Each book will be marketed and distributed by the Hachette Book Group, the company with the best hit ratio in the American publishing business.
  11. Each book will be promoted well into its paperback life.
  12. Each book will matter.”

Lots of press on this lately, but check out the real deal here.