The Book, the Witch & the Wardrobe
By Christine Thomas
Published 5/2/08 in Lei Chic

As close as a second skin, clothes are your individual language. But if your wardrobe could talk, oh the secrets it might tell—extra weight on the hips, padding in the bra, that ‘80s sequined prom dress with gaudy flower print, failed attempts to join the in-crowd and fit into those skinny jeans.

Just when you thought you were safe from anyone but you spilling those beans, enter the narrator of Elizabeth Kendall’s daring and imaginative book Autobiography of a Wardrobe.” Yes, it’s her wardrobe who tells all, revealing young B.’s transformation and maturation, from developing breasts, transcending her mother’s fashion influence, attracting a college beau, debuting her first Marimekko dress, to finally discovering her distinctive style.

A delicate and subtle emotional portrait of B. emerges alongside a fantastic tour of fashion from the 1950s onward, as Kendall cleverly and humorously explores a generation of women and wardrobe trends, and addresses issues every woman confronts, from weight and body type, to societal and gender expectations.

Your wardrobe will fit right in to this charming memoir, evoking memories of what you wore during the defining moments of your life.

Just don’t let it get any book ideas.
After all, your clothes will live on long after you’re gone.

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