I always like to give you a sneak peak, a small taste of what I’m reading, and it’s about to be The Cure for Modern Life By Lisa Tucker (great title!). So this way you and I can experience and digest the first page together:

“Was Matthew Connelly a bad man? He’d never once asked himself that question. Make of it what you will. Of course it would have surprised him to know that, as he walked toward the bridge that night, a little boy was asking the question for him. Because Matthew didn’t notice people like this boy, he never wondered what they were thinking about, or if they thought at all. They were as invisible as the ants he’d crushed under his feet as he walked through the streets of Grand Cayman the weekend before, with Amelia and Ben, the happy couple, deliriously grateful to have found each other, all demons of the past behind them–and all thanks to him. His matchmaking was a good deed from their point of view, pure and simple. To Matthew it was something else entirely, something he didn’t dwell on but accepted as another delicate operations in an extremely complex job.”

Tucker lays a lot out in that first paragraph of her fourth novel, hinting at a plot that will tackle a life-shaping encounter, a love triangle, and a man wrestling with a lack of self-awareness. We’ll see what develops soon–the book is out later in the month.