On Monday, March 3, and new internet show featuring author interviews will debut on the web. Titlepage was founded and is hosted by former Random House editor-in-chief Daniel Menaker, and will feature a roundtable conversation amongst a group of writers discussing their new books. The first season will feature six episodes.

“I’ve always sought out literary conversations,” remarked Menaker, “and I think we can make them surprising and entertaining for anyone who might want to stop by.”

Airing these conversations on the net instead of television is unusual already, but with new generation iPods and programs already available online, Titlepage is, perhaps, cutting out the middleman, while still producing the program with the quality of an “as though for television broadcast.”

Many who live in remote areas like Hawai`i may champion the programs universal accessibility, unlike for instance the New Yorker literary festival which lies out of reach and thousands of miles away. Now intimate conversations among diverse groups of well-regarded authors will be immediately and easily available to all, regardless of location.

The launch of http://www.titlepage.tv is on Monday, March 3, 2008. We’ll see then if it’s all it’s promised to be.