Tinfish Press, a non-profit publisher of experimental poetry founded by Susan Schultz, has organized a reading for their current issue: #17 The Bowling Score Card issue.
The Hawai`i writers who appear include R. Zamora Linmark, Sage U`ilani Takehiro [Paula Fuga is reading her book of poems], the late Steve Shrader, Tiare Picard, Eric Paul Shaffer, Clint Frakes, Ryan Oishi, Leanne Trapedo Sims, Kimo Armitage [he has a new book coming out from Bishop Museum Press], Ann Inoshita, John Rieder (review), and Normie Salvador.

Come, celebrate, enjoy, buy…
November 6
Kuykendall 410
UH Manoa

And if you have writing or art to submit, read the Tinfish Submission Guidelines.

(photo Gaye Chan)