The Book Expo is on in New York, and among the activities was the National Book Critics Circle panel on the Crisis in Newspaper Reviewing, posted on the NBCC Blog Critical Mass.

It sums up the current state at the AJC, San Francisco Chronicle and Dallas Morning News, and adds some insider information straight from the horses’ mouths, including thumb wrestling champ and one of my favorite book editor, Oscar Villalon. Heidi Julavits, founder of Believer Magazine (home of the longform review), also calls reviewing and blogging a labor of love not a get-rich scheme, and blogger Maud Newton, who says she makes her money from writing about tax law, reminds us that blogs aren’t putting newspapers out of business–they actually drive traffic to newspaper web sites and content.

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CRITICAL MASS: Report from BEA Crisis in Newspaper Reviewing Panel (Including a Bit of NBCC News)