In today’s Honolulu Advertiser Mary Plotnick, a resident of Niu valley, O`ahu, was quoted about her reaction to a decision by the Department of Planning and Permitting to allow Waldorf School to build a two-storey high school in its K-8 campus location of 40 years.

Hawai`i typically has a history of going ahead with development without taking into consideration the concerns of residents, so the Department’s decision, which reflect those worries, was lauded by residents like Plotnick.

I just can’t help but do a double take at her comical yet disturbing quote, speaking as if education is a force of destruction and colonialism:

“The conditions are based up on what the community has asked for over and over again,” said Marty Plotnick, a Niu Valley resident. “The school can’t come in and bully the neighborhood in the name of education.”