I have my own answer to this question, (I’ll save posting it for when someone asks me), which was engendered when, in the midst of procrastinating about a lot of reading and writing that needs to be done, and after cleaning up various areas of my house, I came across a very cool new site called Dear Literary Ladies.

Nava Atlas has this month begun combing through female author’s books, letters, interviews and such for their advice about everyday writers’ pressing questions, and poses them in Q&A format. That means questions such as Should I Take Time Off Work to Write Full Time? (that one’s answered by Flannery O’Connor), and a paragraph where Anais Nin “tackles” a writer’s audience and purpose.

Rumor has it Atlas may be going on a summer work-holiday, so even if new posts are slow in coming, I still think Dear Literary Ladies is a site to watch.